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Mircom TX3 - How to Add and Edit a Resident

DoorGuard Entryphone Manual

Navigating the Protege Mobile App

Configuring the Protege Mobile App

ICT Quick Tip: Adding a user in Protege WX

Adding a New Holiday to a Holiday Group in Protege WX

Managing your ICT Mobile Credentials.

Creating a status page in Protege GX

ICT Protege Touch Sense LCD Keypad

ICT Protege Mobile App

Remote IT Support

TeamViewer is a comprehensive remote access, remote control and remote support solution that works with almost every desktop, including Windows and macOS. TeamViewer lets us remote into computers located anywhere in the world and use them as though we were there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

  • What is physical access control?
    • The enforcement of how an individual gains access to and from a building, property or any other facility. This is done by assigning credentials (cards, fobs, fingerprint, mobile), which identifies the individual, and in turn, authorizes whether they have permission to enter.
  • What does REX mean?
    • Request-to-exit devices are used in conjunction with access control systems to ensure that tenants can freely exit an area. Many options such as exit buttons, hands-free infrared, or touch sensitive devices make it an ideal choice for releasing maglocks or door strikes.
    • There are also Infrared Request to Exit Devices, these are motion detectors specifically designed to reliably release magnetic locks.
    • The use of a Request to Exit is to not trigger a Door Forced Open alarm.
  • Electric Strike vs. MAG Lock?
    • Electric strikes only use a one-way locking system to enter. To exit doors using an electric strike use a Free Egress. This means you do not need to provide an authentication method to open the door when exiting.
    • A Magnetic Door Lock (MAG Lock) uses an electric current to create a magnetic force to lock a door and can lock on both entry and exit. Because of this locking method the doors can withstand pressure and cannot be forced open without the authentication method.
    • The purpose of a MAG Lock is for integration with fire systems and to adhere to fire code. (These require a permit to be integrated)

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